Irrigation Services

South East Turf & Irrigation specialise in irrigation and provide the highest quality service to hundreds of residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne every year. 

Irrigation services we cover :

- design & installations of spray and drip irrigation systems

- high quality and long lasting repairs to existing systems

- diagnosing controller related issues

- fast fault finding 

- wire tracing & valve locating

- ongoing routine maintenance including testing, flushing, adjusting the watering schedule etc

- pump repairs & maintenance

- install wireless rain sensors to reduce water use

- install flow sensors which delay watering in the event of a leak within the system

Our professional team of dedicated staff provide the best possible service and quality work to every property we attend........


- we use the highest quality irrigation products on the market to ensure a long lasting system

- use the latest equipment on the market for a high quality job and as efficient as possible. We use a remote control where possible to operate the stations as we work on a system which results in faster repair times and saves the customer in labour costs

- we only use pvc and metric pipe and fittings below ground - we don't use soft low density poly pipe like the majority of contractors

- treat every job like we are working at our own property and attention to detail is paramount

- no job is too difficult. We come across all types of issues for example tree roots wrapped around pipes, broken pipes and fitting under under concrete paths etc and we go to every length to repair the issues