Full Garden Care


We cover all aspects of gardening with qualified horticulturalists taking care of your property. We treat your garden as our own. We have a dedicated team of gardeners eager to please our clients and ensure their garden is in great shape

Residential & Commercial


We maintain commercial and residential properties in inner city Melbourne and the South Eastern Suburbs in all shapes and sizes from apartment courtyards to large body corporate gardens

Turf Maintenance


 We can keep your lawns in great shape. Herbicide, pesticide and fertiliser applications as required throughout the year, topdressing, seeding. We can cover all aspects of turf

Sports Fields & Acreage


We currently maintain 2 school sports fields on a weekly basis. The service we provide includes mowing, irrigation, chemical applications, topdressing, seeding etc to ensure the turf surfaces stay in great shape all yer round



Melbourne Garden Solutions cover all aspects of landscaping including  design, planting, decking, edging, LED lighting, laser cut artwork, water features, turf & irrigation to name a few 

Access to Contractors


We use the best contractors for a wide range of tasks required on our sites. Whether it be a plumber, electrician, arborist, waterproofing, soil blowers etc we use the best licensed contractors for the job required

Contact Us

Please complete the form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project.  Alternatively contact us by phone on 0425 870 660

South East Turf & Irrigation

P.O Box 3082, Moorabbin, VIC 3189

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